Thursday, September 2, 2010

Osteoarthritis – An Ayurveda Management

Osteoarthritis which is a common suffering these days could be compared to Sandhi gata vata from Ayurveda’s perspective. Though it is difficult to have a comparative study of two very different systems, but for the ease of understanding and to bring the best out of the two system for achieving a common a goal of curing the ailments, an integration is not a bad idea. Osteoarthritis is a disease characterized by a group of mechanical changes with the degeneration of joints. It is a prevailing disorder in old age people, wherein level of calcium degrades due to an effect of ageing, but other factors like life style, food habits etc. are also equally responsible for the prevalence of this disease.

Ayurveda describes a long list of causative factors responsible for Sandhi Gata Vata. As the name suggests, it is a disorder generated by excess Vata thus also known as Vata Vyadhi. Though vata vyadhi is quite a comprehensive term and it is a group of diseases created by increased Vata out of which one that affects joints specially weight bearing articulations is named a Sandhi Gata Vata. Meaning of word Sandhi is Joint or articulation.

Sandhi Gata Vata can affect any of the joint, but mostly large weight bearing joints like hip, knee and ankle are affected. Vata, which is a factor chiefly responsible for the mobilization in the body when increases in excess starts degenerating the body by means of its property of absorption. Symptoms of increased Vata can be viewed by signs of dryness over the skin, wrinkles, loosening of the joints, muscle wasting, poor strength etc. As per Ayurveda, causative factors responsible for the vitiation of Vata are, too much consumption of food which is dry in nature, and light to digest, to eat small quantity of meals which is insufficient for the body for a prolonged duration, too much involvement in sexual activities, to consume insalubrious diet, to wake up late night and to remain hyperactive and physically involved without taking enough rest. Chronic indigestion, malnutrition, excessive travelling are also few factors responsible for the vitiation of Vata Dosha. Trauma, excessive bleeding, chronic stress are also few other factors that increase Vata. Vitiated Vata when enters into the channels, it initiates many ailments related to Vata, and one of them is Sandhi Gata Vata.

Sandhi Gata Vata mainly represent symptoms pain and stiffness in the joint that may or may not increase with exertion. The joint makes a peculiar crackling sound while moved which is also called as crepitus. Swelling of the joint after exertion with or without the signs of inflammation can also be seen. Sandhi Gata Vata mainly affects spine, hip, knee and ankle joints which undergo a lot of wear and tear generated by body weight.

So obese people are at more risk of having osteoarthritis. Generally pain increases with cold and patient feels relieved by hot fomentation. Diagnoses can be established based on history and clinical examination. X- ray can consolidate the diagnoses and a typical OA(knees) X- ray film shows degenerative changes in the knee joint with joint space reduction and osteophyte formation in the joint.

Management of Sandhi Gata Vata from Ayurveda’s perspective is quite interesting and effective as well. One needs to rule out the involvement of the toxins (ama). Ayurveda reveals that sometimes Ama involvement with excessive Vata generates similar symptoms to the Ama Vata and could be quite confusing to diagnose, this state is called as Sama Sandhi Gata Vata. In such cases fasting remains the first line of action and it is necessary to bring it to the state of Nirama that is free from the toxin. There on line of action remains Oleation and fomentation to the joint, which could be done with the help of Panchakarma. Specific herbal oils are used for the purpose of oleation followed by fomentation with the help of herbal decoction prepared with the herbs that pacify Vata and also relieves the pain. Herbs like cida cordifolia (Bala), Gingiber offcinale (Shunthi), Cedrus deodara (Devdaru) are few that also helps in Sandhi Gata Vata. Food and nutrition is an aspect that can not be set aside while treating osteoarthritis. Life style needs to be corrected to achieve maximum result. It should be kept in mind that it is of utmost important to manage OA and if managed earlier it is better.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obesity – a problem of plenty

Obesity, that has a problem of plenty is growing rapidly across the globe. It is a condition where body weight increases to an excess where it may affect general body health condition. Ayurveda has enlisted this disease in those which are treated with difficulty. Medoroga as named in Ayurveda, not only creates a social stigma but also increases the likelihood of various ailments like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis etc.


Calculating your Body Mass Index(BMI) can help you to define your health condition by comparing your height and weight. BMI is just an estimation and does not represent a clear idea about your total fat percentage. But definitely it helps to get an idea when the bell rings. BMI can be calculated with the help of simple formula:-

BMI = weight [in kilos] divided by height [in meters] X height [in meters]


Body Mass Index weight categories and conclusion


BMI rating

Weight assessment

Under 20 (men)

Under 19 (women)



20 – 24.9

Normal weight

25 – 29.9


30 & above


Management of weight is a more psychological game play than just following a regular routine. Causes of obesity are more attributed towards a sedentary life style and in certain cases due to a long standing illness for which patient had been treated with specific drugs. Family history, bad food habits, and genetic factors can not be ruled out too. But more often it has been seen that in the beginning patient does not take his/ her weight seriously and once the vicious circle of fat manufacturing starts in your body, it becomes difficult to reverse the changes.

Before going for weight reduction mental make up and a strong belief is utmost necessary. Crash diet course should be avoided strictly, they may result in sudden weight reduction but regaining of it also occurs at the same pace. It is advisable to calculate Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) before deciding your diet. It is the minimum caloric requirement needed to sustain life in a resting individual. One can calculate his/ her BMR with the help of following formula:

For Women

BMR = 655 + (9.6 X weight in kilos) + (1.8 X height in centimetres) – (4.7 X age in years)

For Men

BMR = 655 + (13.7 X weight in kilos) + (5 X height in centimetres) – (6.8 X age in years)

Based on above calculation, one can calculate his/ her approximate daily calorie need.

  • Sedentary life style/ little or no exercise, calorie requirement = BMR X 1.2
  • Lightly active individual(mild exercise 1- 3 days/ week), calorie requirement = BMR X 1.375
  • Moderately active individual (moderate exercise 3 – 5 days/ week), calorie requirement = BMR X 1. 55
  • Very active individual (hard exercise 5 – 7 days/ week), calorie requirement = BMR X 1. 725

Depending upon your BMR one calculate the daily need of their required calories and accordingly fix their dietary needs. Though, one must understand that it is not absolute food that have been your enemy thus far but a proper check on daily schedule is also equally responsible for such a high rate of obesity. Late night parties and excessive consumption of alcohol with smoking are other factors also contributing to the urban obesity. It has been reported that number of obese patient are increasing at an alarming speed in urban livelihood. generation next life style and sedentary habits from the childhood are also adding on to the childhood obesity. Kids are more interested in computer games and lack of interest in games involving physical exertion leading to the disastrous health hazards. It is indeed very important to keep a close check on your weight at the time when it hits that important mark where daily wears stop fitting your body. And it is always better to stay fit rather than running from one store to another to find your size.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Rejuvenation in Himalayas

Life in the metro getting hectic day by day, and daily physical involvement in meeting everyday new targets takes a toll on the body. It not only affects the physical body, also has a bad effect on mental well being. High society culture and sedentary life style generates life threatening diseases. Waking up late nights to catch your friends in the name of socializing and again rushing to the office early morning to reach in time takes out the vital energy from the body. When we have holidays we have to meet our dear ones and the whole time of leisure flies away treating your guests at home. Many factors come along together and your health remains on the back burner. Isn’t it a nice idea to go on a holiday where you can spend some time with yourself and pay full attention to your body, mind and soul?

Kayakalp in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh is a perfect destination for your long awaited health break. Come and recuperate yourself in the vicinity of Himalayas. Kayakalp is situated in the foothills of Dhauladhar range of Himalayas and it makes a picture perfect view in the winters with snow covered mountains peaks in the backdrop of a state of an art structure. An abode of traditional and alternative system of drugless therapies like Ayurveda Panchakarma, Naturopathy, Yoga and Physiotherapy are ready to enrich your health. A perfect blend of treatments, diet therapy with a hint of revitalizing touch of yoga makes a wonderful experience. A young team of enthusiastic Doctors welcome you with a refreshing smile and bid adieu with a promise of a better health condition of yours. Restricted regimen of diet offers you a step closer to the journey of your well being.

At Kayakalp, we offer you to get engaged in your hidden talents and occasional talks and leisure activities are conducted to display your creativity. Recreational hall offers you to spend your time with games and audio visual entertainment. Here you meet people from different arena of life and stay here as a part of an extended family.

We offer you different accommodations suiting best to your budget like dormitory, standard double bed room, deluxe double bed room, A/ C and non A/ C cottages. A prior booking is must to avoid hassles. Kayakalp at Palampur is well connected to the world by all modes of transportation like road, air, and train as well. You can have a joy ride from Pathankot in deemed to be heritage toy train. Though the travel could be quite slow but offers you a very different experience altogether. Daily flight is also available from New Delhi airport to Gaggal at Dharamsala and there on a taxi to Kayakalp is easily available which is just an hour from the airport. Himachal Pradesh always has to offer something different in all seasons and Kayakalp ensures you a perfect delight.

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Come and get involved with yourself. 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spirituality – The Quest


The world of twenty first centaury is growing faster than expected, and at the same pace are growing, the desires of the man. But at same speed something very different is also happening on the back stage of physical realm, the spirituality. Gone are the days when spirituality used to be defined as spinning beads and going for pilgrimage. Also, over are the days visiting holy shrines in search of the peace. The new age philosophy is to find out peace within them. Though the same old forgotten science but realized at the right time. The time is ripe to segregate spirituality from religion.
One needs to understand the fact about the existence of God. Each and every holy book demonstrates the presence of the divine within oneself. It is a psychological realm of the higher being – the conscious. Age old philosophy of Sankhya, which describes the evolution of the universe based on two factors, the Mother Nature – phenomenal realm of the matter, and the purusha – the conciousness. Prakriti, under the influence of three qualitative forces with the stimulation of the higher conscious goes on multiplying for the manifestation of the physical world. purusha – the higher conscious is not a causative factor for evolution but the Prakriti. Under the influence of the physical boundaries, the conscious which is unattached and pure, believes itself to be the part of it only.
Moksha – the salvation is the process of realizing this pure consciousness in oneself, which is beyond the physical realm of the matter. Spirituality is a journey onto the path of self realization and it has nothing to do with any religion. Thus far by most of the people, spirituality was taught as a part of religion and it lead to lot of chaos than resolving the quest of the human being.
Today, the mantra is all about self introspection. Yoga helps in finding the tranquility of the mind which is the first step on the journey of the life. The word yoga itself defines the meaning – yujyate anena iti yoga, the factor responsible for the unanimity of the physical being with higher conscious. It helps in channelizing the energy to reveal the facts laying within one self. It brings back the energy of the cosmos to the primordial factor which is you, yourself. It has all the power of healing and can create wonderful result to an ailing body. Yoga is just not a part of your physical exercise, and it does not also limit itself to a specific religion. It is a practice to find you with in yourself only. The spirituality is not about finding god, but to find god with in you, and it is the essence of Indian philosophy; because, you are the god of yourself. This is the universal truth. The time is here to understand the Indian philosophy in its true self which is way beyond the saffronization of the books.


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