Sunday, March 29, 2009

Service with Love......

Just slipped into my bed and was thinking about the whole day. It’s been two lengthy years; I am doing something that I love to do most – Ayurveda training. I wanted to find out that how could I do it? I also could have chose to be something else, but why only Ayurveda? And when I look back in to the pages of my life that I already had turned, I have a feeling of accomplishment. I am what I was supposed to be. I am right there where I was meant to be. And, all that I possess, I owe it to you all my friends.

My students, they came here to learn something. They had a quest for learning and in fact they taught me so many things in turn. I don’t know whether I was up to the mark or not, but for sure they were. Everyday that I spent in the class with them, they kept on teaching me. This is something that I am writing here for them. A sense of gratitude towards my students, you were exceptional. Your questions made me what I am. I felt hungry, and I had food for that; I felt thirsty and I was offered water. Well, but when my brain cells were hungry, you were there with all your questions and it served as food for them. You might have gone far, far away and must have started your lives doing what you like most, but I am still doing the same at the same place and in same routine but for sure in a different way, every time. I am just to finalize my last batch for the month of March 29, 2009 and tomorrow will be again back to preparations for the upcoming sessions. While I take on the new note, I just wanted to remember you all, and wanted to tell you all that I am blessed to have you all in my life in various forms as students, friends, mentors and last but of course not the least – my teachers.

If I ever had even the slightest of the influence in your life, I hereby take an opportunity to request you that we all will be the human beings once again. We will not be the part of the rat race and would stand for the humanity where ever we find an opportunity. We must understand that every opportunity does not mean the business, but our business should be to capitalize over the opportunities that we get. There should be a scope of charity while doing a business. We must not utilize the science just because it is popular, but we must popularize the science so that we can live and sustain over it. There should be a sustainable market and that has to be created, and we can create the same with patience.

The message is very clear, do whatever you want to do but never bring bad name for the science. You are all the mascots of Ayurveda; you are the one to bring glory for the science. And I have all my faith entrusted in you.

May God bless you all, and may you prosper in your life. Thanks to all of you again to be my best teacher, after all we learn the best from each other.        


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