Saturday, January 16, 2010

Doshas - a mystical science

Though I am not quite frequently here, and it is been long time since I updated my blog, but the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda kept moving with me and before coming out in form of words here, struck me hard many times. Not that I did not have time, but no work leads us to an indolent attitude and that is what happened to me. Leaving the bad time back, today I am herewith going to explain something very interesting, the chemistry of human body.Sometime I wonder how the concept of doshas (biological humors) came into the existence!

Ayurveda, a science purely based on observations, leaves an astonishing affect into the brain of a true seeker. As per the universal law, there are three stages of a matter- evolution, transformation, and destruction. Creation of the universe also comes under the same law, thus philosophers believe in the theory of universal destruction; however, we do not know how true it is. Human chemistry is also an out come of the same rule, and, it is surprising to know how true were the sages in their observations, that too well 5000 B. C. back!

Distribution of the doshas as per the stages of life reveals the truth. In the first part of the life (childhood) kapha predominates, while pitta predominates during the intermediate stage (young), and finally reaches on to the stage of vata i. e. old age. Going deeper into the stage of logical game play, fountain of wisdom pour downs the bliss of knowledge. For the matter of construction, there should be a strong cohesive force that can bind two loosely held molecules together, in order to provide strength and to impart a proper shape to the matter, and this role is played by the water in external world, while inside the human body by kapha. Kapha, being liquid has been named so for the scientific understanding. But, in the lack of force of transformation this molecule would end up being muck but nothing else; that is where the role of fire comes into the play. Fire, which helps in transforming the qualities of a matter in external world, for example from raw food to cooked food, similarly it helps in transformation of the human body also. Not to mention here that the process starts at the time of inception of child in the womb of the mother. The discussion does not stop here; adding further to it, in lack of force of disintegration or movement the matter can not grow or move in a positive direction. The vata (air), responsible for the movement inside the body functions similar to the air moving outside in the universe. Sushruta, the father of modern surgery and a great anatomist of his time says that vayu vibhajti, means the air disintegrates the inflamed mass of the water i. e. embryo and thus evolution of human life begins. It is very interesting indeed, how these three biological forces i. e. water, fire and air influence our body at the time of fertilization and keep doing so, throughout our life! While we, under the order of these three supernatural forces, tend to believe that our actions are self controlled. Funny! It seems, but, the truth. To scrutinize the facts is the human behavior, but when it comes to self introspection, we are the last person to do the same. In order to grow in our life, we need to get rid of the influence of these three biological forces upon our mind, body, and soul. In easy words, instead of being tamed, we need to master these three forces. While these three forces are in absolute balance, they perform their functions properly, but under the state of aggravation they tend to destroy human behavior and body as well, which further leads to dissatisfaction within the soul and our journey of life becomes the bed of thorns. Ayurveda explains various rituals to be followed and code of conduct to tame these forces in order to live a healthy and prosperous life.


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