Friday, November 28, 2008

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Democracy Fails

For last seven or eight months, India has been continuously under the terror attacks, not only foreign but sometimes Indian terrorist (a la Local parties who spread terrorism on the basis of regionalism). This time when all the political parties keeping the National Interest at a bay and fighting hard for their much sought political power, India have been attacked at a place which recently made a news for the attacks on North Indians (so called job eaters of the local people), it would have been much better if they could have come out now to answer the terrorism. Where are they? And where is their patriotism? After a few days we will see all such branded leaders issuing the statements in the leading news papers and extending their grief over the issue.

Time is ripe for the change, to rethink, to rebuild and above everything to do a self interrogation and introspection. Why repeated security lapses occur in India only, I said repeated. They say, “To error is human.” To commit mistake is a step forward to the learning, but to repeat the same mistake is called as to be fool. And right now we have been considered as fool. Anybody come, shoot people and go away, you all are welcome in India, because our weakest link is the political foolishness. This time they targeted the industry, which have been India’s greatest asset, Tourism. This is an attack on the economy and by the time top honchos will be evaluating the affect of the attacks many people might have already lost the money like hair from the head and India would be most hated place to be visited. Because nobody wants to buy death in the name of leisurely vacation, that too spending from their pocket.

How an unidentified ship storms in Indian sea? Isn’t it a security lapse? How heavy ammunition reaches inside the hotel? No security check? What Indian intelligence is doing? Above everything, what common man should do?

What strategy was adopted to fight terror after the serial blasts in Malegaon? And what was the review of strategy after the serial bomb blasts in Delhi are two big questions stranded in front of general public. Why parties have to make fake promises? Thanks to our literate illiterate public, sleeping youth who only wake up at call centres or shopping malls, and rest attributed to “not my duty” culture. In this process, most disappointing department have been so far is Police. Why don’t they get tired of accepting bribes and ill behaving with general public? The image they have created for themselves is not of a saviour but a termite that eats the wood with in itself and wood appears to be standing straight but by the time you touch it- it collapses without making a noise even. Same have been the condition of this country. Then politicos, making strategies in their board rooms to fight out the opposition. Bringing money in the parliament would be a way to defame the same in front of the mass. We, the people are not bothered what are you doing out there, because we are fed up of you the parties. You just have created wealth by entering the politics and played the dirty politics every time. None of the party is clean; every one has their feet deeply sunk in the filth. Even if they intend to walk out of it, they leave their pangs of the past. Disgusting is all this, no words are sufficed to portray the dirty image of Indian polity and strategy. America gets a 9/11, and eventually security becomes so stiff that not even a single bird can enter the premises back, but Indian security lapses time and again, not once but several times. Unfortunately can’t even blame any one, because we have elected these irresponsible entities, who can’t think beyond their self interests.

Hats off to the Indian army and NSG who are fighting hard to destroy the plot strongly knit my antisocial evils. They are the only saviours. We must regard their sacrifices made for the country and to safeguard its integrity. But the question is yet unanswered, who should be held responsible for these attacks, Pakistan, Al queda, Deccan Mujahidin or Indian Politics or police? Answer is very clear, crystal clear. Why to blame any external factors, when I leave my door wide opened before going to bed at night, definitely I am inviting evils to bust in and bare me.

In the name of all those innocent people who fell prey to this massive security lapse and praying for the secured future of people who are yet safe but prone to be the next. May this incident allows us to introspect ourselves and a question arises in every one’s mind, where are we going? Whether these politicians can promise us the security back in our own country? Are they ready to remove their Z security when they face public next time? Why can’t they do this, because they are not sure of their lives because they know their evil past is following them every time, everywhere? You need to come clean, if you want to face the public.

Get up and get ready to fight out the terror on individual level. Be vigilant, and be prepared to fight the worst on individual level, because I have lost faith from Politics and Police. For me they are good for nothing. They are just termites who can even dare to eat the roots of the tree where they were born from.

Without any prejudice, all these are emotions that came out after hearing, viewing and reading the scenario after the The Taj invasion in Mumbai. Can we repeat the agitation in Mumbai similar to the task which was done for North Indians few weeks back? Shame India, Shame Indian politics, Shame Security services.

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