Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spirituality – The Quest


The world of twenty first centaury is growing faster than expected, and at the same pace are growing, the desires of the man. But at same speed something very different is also happening on the back stage of physical realm, the spirituality. Gone are the days when spirituality used to be defined as spinning beads and going for pilgrimage. Also, over are the days visiting holy shrines in search of the peace. The new age philosophy is to find out peace within them. Though the same old forgotten science but realized at the right time. The time is ripe to segregate spirituality from religion.
One needs to understand the fact about the existence of God. Each and every holy book demonstrates the presence of the divine within oneself. It is a psychological realm of the higher being – the conscious. Age old philosophy of Sankhya, which describes the evolution of the universe based on two factors, the Mother Nature – phenomenal realm of the matter, and the purusha – the conciousness. Prakriti, under the influence of three qualitative forces with the stimulation of the higher conscious goes on multiplying for the manifestation of the physical world. purusha – the higher conscious is not a causative factor for evolution but the Prakriti. Under the influence of the physical boundaries, the conscious which is unattached and pure, believes itself to be the part of it only.
Moksha – the salvation is the process of realizing this pure consciousness in oneself, which is beyond the physical realm of the matter. Spirituality is a journey onto the path of self realization and it has nothing to do with any religion. Thus far by most of the people, spirituality was taught as a part of religion and it lead to lot of chaos than resolving the quest of the human being.
Today, the mantra is all about self introspection. Yoga helps in finding the tranquility of the mind which is the first step on the journey of the life. The word yoga itself defines the meaning – yujyate anena iti yoga, the factor responsible for the unanimity of the physical being with higher conscious. It helps in channelizing the energy to reveal the facts laying within one self. It brings back the energy of the cosmos to the primordial factor which is you, yourself. It has all the power of healing and can create wonderful result to an ailing body. Yoga is just not a part of your physical exercise, and it does not also limit itself to a specific religion. It is a practice to find you with in yourself only. The spirituality is not about finding god, but to find god with in you, and it is the essence of Indian philosophy; because, you are the god of yourself. This is the universal truth. The time is here to understand the Indian philosophy in its true self which is way beyond the saffronization of the books.

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