Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weight Loss – 6 initial steps to your goal

Losing weight is a brain task than a physical engagement. The market is flooded with numerous products and guaranteed programs to lose weight, but nothing seems to be working for long. The problem - everyone is not the same. And the solutions that we bring out are the same for everyone. More than a doctor’s mind, it requires more understanding from the one who needs to lose weight. Problem persists at a point where patient thinks that it is the doctor’s work to find a solution for their problem. Working through the pro health programs for many years I ended up working more on obesity and found out that sometimes it is too difficult to work upon weight loss regime because it is like walking upon a thin line and chances of losing focus are always high despite having great beginners luck. However, I have got tremendous results in cases where client and doctor adopted a very simple approach. In such cases we did not even require any diet plans or treatments at all. Although there is no single full proof methodology for losing weight, but there could be certain general parameters which could be adopted by every person who wants to lose those extra pounds and trim down their flab into fab.
1. Meditate – although it may sound superfluous but it is true that meditation helps in losing weight to a great extent. It helps in synchronising brain with body physiology. Meditation is not only about spirituality or a tool to attain higher conscious. It also helps to unleash the powers of the body of self-healing. A simple visualisation of the self would be sufficient enough to get the desired results. Imagining self in particular dress or shape goes a long way in self-motivation. It is like working with the power of mind. Mind is strangely a strong entity, and people who realised the power of mind invented entirely a new philosophy of life – yoga. So, never underestimate the potentials hidden in the meditation and simply learn to use it.
2. Cut the crap – too much information on the net about weight loss is crap. And trying to learn from different resources about one topic could be dangerous affair if you do not belong to the same field, because interpretation of the resource would depend upon the clarity of the basic principles. No matter what diet is recommended from whom, the fact about weight loss is simple- consume lesser calories and spend more in a day. No matter what you eat, if you can put that food out of the system through work out it would balance the weight management. So, approach should be simple that if eatable is having more calories than you can put out, don’t grab it.
3. Exercise your brain – I had read about a treatment of obesity in Ayurveda- stress reduces weight. The statement kept me confused for a long time and I refrained advising this to my patients for a long time for my own inability to understand the fact. But I realise it today that it actually works. It is not the grammatical stress, but intellectual stress. Put food in your brain than putting food in your stomach and you will find that it actually works. Try to solve puzzles and fail holds the key. Solve it all over again. Question the present knowledge and reach out to the self for answers. Question everything, but don’t find answers in other’s books. Write your own rule for everything and pass your current knowledge through the yardstick of your own knowledge and intellect. The idea simply works on the grounds that if your brain is occupied with a question food could not be the answer for sure. If you couldn’t be thinner through this, you would surely be wiser. I haven’t found a single philosopher fat, my own knowledge about philosophers could be incomplete though- quest is on.
4. Time your meals – fixing up your meal timings works a long way in reducing and managing your weight. Breakfast at 8 AM, lunch at 1 PM, and dinner at 8 PM. And if you cannot manage these timings because of your work, then you are living a life of slave (it’s my opinion, could be wrong). After all I am working for my comfort and food. If my work is hindering my food timings and comfort I go back to point 3 above.
In addition to this point make another rule not to eat anything in between the meals. If hunger pangs trouble you satiate your desire with roasted pumpkin seeds, fruits, green salad, buttermilk, barley water, hot water, green tea (I mean only one thing to be grabbed and not all together).
5. Walk a while – it is essential to have a physical workout every day. For those who cannot follow a regular workout regimen they should start doing simple house hold things on their own or for that matter send your peon for a leave for some time. I generally prefer playing a game that involves physical activity. It helps to reduce stress, increases blood circulation, strengthens up the muscles, maintains cardiac health, induces sleep and enhances neuromuscular coordination.
6. Patience – finally the patience works for everything. You did not put on over a day; neither should you look out to lose over a day. It is utterly futile to go on crash diet plans; chances of recurrence and rebound weight gain are higher through this way. Additionally following a specific diet plan has a tendency to build up the residual stress which is unhealthy and increases food cravings. It is for a simple reason that running away from things does not mean that you have found a solution. I would prefer to eat what I want but just to satiate my tongue not my stomach.
Although it is not all that you need to do lose weight but for sure it is the first ladder to your goal. Set your targets right and have a long term plan for losing weight. Keep your eyes focused on what you want and you should get what you want.

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