Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ayurveda goes a long way

A unique system of medicine, a great philosophy and much more than your imagination comes a long way since 5000 B.C. back.

In this world, where most of the systems of medicines explains about curing the diseases, Ayurveda asserts on retaining health of a haelthy being.

I want to change the image of tomorrow's world.Why to fall prey to diseases, when we can keep them well away.

Know your constitution and seek ayurvedic advice to keep yourself healthy.

And if you are running down with stress, shirodhara can help you. There is much more this science can serve you.

Dr. Ashutosh Guleri

Ayurveda can answer your all woes.
when you get up in the morning, try gargles with hot water mixed with Little salt.
This appears to be simple but yet effective.
It keeps your mouth clean.
It increases taste.
scrapes mucous.

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